Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Just keep writing, Just keep writing, Just keep writing, writing, writing...

Hi All,
So sorry for the long pause between my last post and now. I really don't have any one excuse as to why, just the craziness of life.

My work has me hopping on a plane in the morning to Hawaii. So i've packed insanely too much, run around crazy getting the house, husband, and kiddo settled for me being gone for 2 days and now it's time to settle before I wake up before having to wake up before the sun.

Jude is now three, wearing 4t clothes, size 10 shoes and is sillier than ever. He's not a fan of water at all, but bathtimes are starting to get easier. We are a couple weeks away from attempting a major potty training extravaganza. Being goofy and jokey is one of his favorite things.

On the writing front I've been enjoying a Writing For Young Readers online course through a community program. It is a lot of fun and very informative. It's given me the push to start on a new project I've had rolling around in my head for awhile. It's about a kindergartener with OCD who is struggling to learn what is different about him and how to fit in. I've got 3 completed manuscripts that I've been submitting to agents and publishers for awhile. I've got one lead at the moment, but no offers or guarantees at this point in time. All happy thoughts are appreciated and hey, if you know anyone in the writing world who may be interested feel free to pass my name along. :)

It's getting late so I need to head off and finish prepping for my trip. I will be trying to post more frequently and hopefully will have some book news sooner or later. All in good time.
Happy Reading!

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